Introducing the NMV Innovation Fund Grantees

by: | Jan 09, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce the grantees of the first ever NMV Innovation Fund.

We launched the Innovation Fund for two reasons. First, we noticed a significantly lower amount of money going to non-profit startups versus for-profit startups within our own work supporting both. Second, we know how challenging it can be to find risk capital for early projects, particularly for non-profits.

We received 60 applicants to the fund, and are awarding $25k grants to 9 promising startup efforts.

At New Media Ventures, we support media and technology projects that drive progressive change. The NMV Innovation Fund gives us the opportunity to experiment with supporting earlier stage organizations creating progressive change in sometimes surprising ways, with the potential to engage new communities.

We came away from the process at once totally inspired by the work being done by these entrepreneurs, while motivated by the stark need for early stage, risk capital for new progressive nonprofits. Check out the grantees, below.


Berim means ‘let’s go’ in Farsi. Our mission is to help build an Iran where people can think, act and love the way they want without fear. We bring together everyday people from outside of Iran to help reduce the barriers and distractions that Iranian organizers, women’s advocates, and Journalists face.  We do this so that Iranian change makers can focus on creating transformational change in Iran. is a digital organizing platform for workers’ rights. Anyone, anywhere can start or join a campaign to improve their workplace.  Through a combination of online tools and resources, media outreach, and strategic organizing support, helps employees win campaigns and build power in the workplace.


Donate Labs is a new organization that will build a global network of medium & large progressive non­profits working together to obsessively optimize the online credit card contribution experience. Through a shared pool of stored contribution info, sophisticated analytics, and training, we’ll significantly increasing the amount of money our movement raises. Donate Labs is currently a project through ControlShift Labs.

Faithful America is the largest and fastest­-growing online community of progressive Christians. Tapping into the power, passion, and leadership of our 230,000 members, we’re building a grassroots base that’s vocal and visible enough to break through in the media—and deny legitimacy to extremists who claim to speak for Christianity as well as renew the church’s historic role in building a more free and just society.

Groundswell is the largest multi-faith online community taking action to advance the most urgent social justice issues of our time. Groundswell is leveraging a pilot initiative, Faithshare, to complement and enhance its online action work by inspiring progressive religious action through curating and sharing the best faithful content on the Web. To date, Groundswell has 100,000 members, including 5,000 clergy of many faiths.

Hollaback! is an organization focused on ending street harassment, or sexual harassment in public spaces. We work together to better understand street harassment, ignite public conversations, and develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces.

Long Distance Voter makes it easy to register and vote by mail. Our volunteer-­run group has registered over 700,000 absentee voters since launching in 2008. We’re building a full­-time team, with the goal of becoming the Rock the Vote of absentee voting. We’ll be delivering an embeddable web application that will guide voters through the the absentee ballot process. We aim to deliver another one million voters by 2016.

The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a national non­-profit with over 50,000 members across the globe working to protect and empower young people of color through creative technology, counter marketing and innovation. We seek to build a safe and racially tolerant America by transforming the public narrative on gun violence/racial profiling while providing tools that communities need to protect themselves.

OPEN is a new association of the world’s leading nation-­based digital campaigning organizations. We help insights, resources, technology and even staff flow seamlessly across borders between this growing family of online organizing powerhouses. This enables all of us to think and build cumulatively, rather than redundantly ­­ and helps new organizations go from 0 – ­60 in record time.