New Media Ventures: 2015 in Review

by: | Jan 07, 2016


2015 Was Our Best Year Yet

To date, NMV and our investor network have invested over $7 million in 32 media and technology startups. We mobilized $1.9 million towards 12 startups this past year alone. We have reviewed hundreds of potential investments to get here. Looking ahead, we’ve already announced our next open call, in collaboration with the Pluribus Project, to find startups with innovative plans to fix our democratic process.

We find these open calls bring the broadest possible range of organizations into the funding process.

New Startups Funded

Our biggest news for 2015 was funding 11 new startups. They are driving progressive change from a variety of angles—media diversity, small-donor fundraising, voter participation, workers’ rights, community advocacy, and cultural change.

julie“NMV has been very helpful in making introductions for us. As new campaign vendor based outside DC, their recognition increased our credibility within the industry.”

— Julie Goldberg, Principal, Empower Engine.


Another Successful Summit

In May we held our 3rd annual NMV Summit, and it was a big success! For two intense days, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and progressive leaders got together to share ideas and build connections. Sixty people came, and six startups pitched their projects. We talked about everything from practical fundraising advice for entrepreneurs to big ideas in campaigning, such as blending digital and in-person organizing. As one participant put it, “This group has a great combination of head and heart.”

We can’t wait for next year!

DSC_0024 (2)   DSC_0145                                       

Angel-Network Fundraising

Lastly, a great piece of fundraising news: Daily Kos, the nation’s leading online progressive political community, raised a new round of funding to scale Civiqs, a scientific survey company working to address problems in traditional polling and provide insight into real-time shifts in public opinion.  At a time when trust in traditional polling is at an all-time low due to low response rates and the decline in the number of landlines, Civiqs’ ability to provide granular data to campaigns, issue advocacy orgs, and academic researchers should prove to be a game-changer.

Looking Ahead

It seems all we hear about are the negatives: record low faith in congress, record low bi-partisanship and record low voter turnout. But the problems we need to tackle as a society—action on climate change, structural racism, police brutality, and rising economic inequality—often cannot be addressed without government intervention. Being uniquely positioned at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, advocacy and media, New Media Ventures supports entrepreneurs solving the disconnect between citizens and their government.

Simply put, no one else has our track record of funding startups that combine entrepreneurial energy with organising expertise. Right now, new progressive ventures are using social media, data analytics and new media platforms to accelerate cultural and political change. Through them, communities that today sit on the sidelines can get engaged and tackle the problems we’re facing. We’re helping them get there and we hope you’ll join us!