Apply for the New Tools Shoutout at the BISC Conference

by: | Jan 05, 2017

We’re taking the New Tools Shoutout, a Netroots Nation favorite, on the road!

This winter, we’re partnering with BISC to bring the Shoutout to this year’s Road Ahead conference (Feb 1-3 in Las Vegas). We want to feature YOU and the technology you’ve created and/or used to make organizing easier and more engaging.

During this breakout, selected applicants will have the opportunity to pitch an app, product or technology that they’ve built or recently used directly from the Road Ahead stage. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work to peers, practitioners and potential partners.

Apply for the New Tools Shoutout by end of day on Monday, January 17th

The tools featured in this breakout must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must demonstrate the impact this tool will have on the campaigns themselves and/or the field at large. Are there metrics in place to measure impact? Does the tool fill a void in the ballot measure landscape? Does it save campaigns time or money?
  1. Tools featured do not need to originate from a ballot measure campaign but must be applicable to the ballot measure process.
  1. Apps, products and technology featured must fall into at least one of the categories outlined below:

Category 1: Campaign Tools and Tactics

Apps, products and technology featured in this category must relate to the process of qualifying for and running a campaign. For example, your product could aid in voter registration, voter communications or outreach, signature collection, voter guides, etc.

Category 2: Data Analytics and Tracking

Apps, products and technology featured in this category must have an impact on the tracking or analysis of campaign data, such as tracking voter contact, analyzing the campaigns impact through data analysis, fostering data sharing amongst partners, etc.

Got a tool you want our partners to know about? Apply for the New Tools Shoutout before the end of day on January 17th!