Innovation Fund Open Call
Shift the Story - Applications Now Closed
Innovation Fund Open Call

The Shift the Story Open Call is now closed for applications. Thanks for your interest. See our investment announcement here!

Open Call will resume
Early 2019
Our current open call is closed.
Interested in our next one? Click the link below, and we'll be in touch.
Our Criteria
During our last Open Call, we looked for companies and organizations working to change hearts and minds and build movements for the future.
Changing Hearts & Minds
We are living through an era of historic media disruption, with lasting implications for our personal, political, and civic lives. Whether you’re focused on increasing empathy, strengthening journalism, shaping narratives, leveraging new content platforms, or developing tools for listening, analytics and amplification… we want to hear from you. We’re also eager to hear about new business models that reward quality and engagement, solutions that elevate new and diverse voices, and creative distribution strategies to ensure content reaches new audiences, beyond echo chambers.
Building Movements for the Future
Civic engagement is on the rise, and movements for justice are gaining traction across the US, but our technology and tools often remain stuck in the past. Are you building technology or tools that mobilize citizens, make campaigns more efficient, or blend digital and grassroots organizing? We can’t wait to hear about your work. We’re especially interested in tools for distributed and networked movements, technology that helps coordinate volunteers, campaigns, and candidates, and innovations that facilitate conversations and decision-making.
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Shift the Story - Applications Now Closed
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