We're Hiring! Apply to be our Investment Manager or Principal!


By Jessica Salinas

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New Media Ventures (NMV) is a mission-driven venture fund and investor network focused on innovation to advance progressive change. Our mission is to find, support, and finance organizations that are telling new stories, building advocacy movements, and catalyzing civic engagement. Over the past 10 years, we have supported over 100 promising startups, many of which are now widely recognized pillars of the social change community. They range from for-profits like Mobilize, Blavity, and DailyKos, to non-profits like ActBlue Civics, Mijente, and PushBlack. We receive around 100 applications per month, and we are thrilled to be investing millions in new startups working to protect our democracy and advance social justice. We are proud that in recent cohorts more than half of our founders have been BIPOC, including more than a third Black or indigenous.

We are seeking an Investment Manager or Investment Principal who is excited to join a team that is working to help find and support great innovators in the progressive movement. We are especially interested in democratizing access to capital, and encourage people from communities who are under-represented in the investment and startup communities to apply. 

We have extended the application deadline to Monday, March 14th, by 9 am PT.

Position description

Our team is fully remote, but works in the Pacific Standard time zone. This position can be based anywhere in the United States, with some preference for locations within easy reach of meetings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, or New York City. The investment manager/principal should be available to work at least until 3:30pm Pacific most days M-Th.

The investment manager will have the following areas of responsibilities:

  • Diligence

    • Manage aspects of our submission and applicant databases, as well as communication with applicants, throughout our continuous investment cycle.

    • Vet and conduct diligence on potential investment opportunities, including drafting diligence memos.

    • Help conduct deep dive research projects into new or evolving areas of our thesis.

  • Entrepreneur support

    • Serve as the point person for NMV’s support of and communication with a group of 1-2 dozen portfolio companies and organizations.

    • Help develop and project manage our portfolio community. E.g., establishing and managing a founder Slack channel, hosting in-person portfolio happy hours, or helping host the portfolio-only track of meetings at our annual Summit.

  • External relations and deal flow

    • Help NMV build and manage our pipeline of potential investments, by recruiting new applicants and building NMV’s brand and network among relevant entrepreneurs.

    • Represent NMV externally with movement allies, at conferences, with other VCs and fellow investors/funders, and more.

  • Investment Operations

    • Improving the investments process to make it more efficient and responsive to investment prospects (by updating tech flow on Airtable, automation, etc.).

    • Helping develop and communicate the investment team talking points for NMV’s quarterly funder briefings.

If we hire at the Investment Principal level, the new team member would have additional responsibilities, such as:

  • Investments

    • Lead diligence from end-to-end on potential investments.

    • Serve on our internal investment committee, casting formal votes along with other committee members (NMV’s President, VP of Investments, and other Investment Principal).

    • Serve as in-house expert in important areas of our thesis (e.g., cultural media or political data), types of company/business model (e.g., B2B sales, or online fundraising for non-profits), etc.

  • Entrepreneur support

    • Provide substantial input into our overall portfolio support strategy.

    • Lead on technical support and community-building for a particular subset of our portfolio (e.g., non-profit media organizations).

    • Provide significant support for portfolio organizations’ fundraising efforts, with strategic advice as well direct assistance with prospecting and introductions.

  • External relations and deal flow

    • Manage relationships with a small portfolio of existing funders and prospects for NMV.

    • Lead on building our network and increasing deal flow in particular sectors and demographics – e.g., startups serving disabled communities, or BIPOC entrepreneurs in climate and environmental campaigning.

  • Special projects

    • Lead on significant special projects. This could include projects like:

      • Pitch prep for portfolio orgs pitching at the Summit.

      • Working with the President to create the proposal for a new for-profit investment fund affiliated with NMV.

      • Managing an NMV Summer Associate program.

      • Conducting and publishing original research on trends in the field.

  • Fundraising

    • Contribute to raising philanthropic funds, with the support of the fundraising team.

    • Cultivate a list of 15+ prospects and donors; close gifts regularly and support NMV's fundraising as needed.

Candidate requirements

We are open to multiple different profiles for this role. All candidates must share the following qualities:

  • Relationships: You build relationships with empathy, integrity and respect, and you have a demonstrated track record of building a strong, diverse network in your chosen field.

  • Strong analytical and communication skills: You can clearly and succinctly present your analysis and make recommendations.

  • Team player: You are happy to schedule meetings and do data entry if that's what is needed in a busy moment when everyone is juggling many tasks.

  • Progressive values: You are committed to advancing social, economic, and environmental justice, and have substantial familiarity with some parts of the progressive movement.

  • Cultural competency: You have worked successfully within very diverse teams, with people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

We are open to candidates from unorthodox backgrounds, and do not have firm requirements on education or career path. However, here are some guidelines for what types of profiles we expect to see for each role:

For the Investment Manager role, most strong candidates will have:

  • Either an MBA and 2-6 years of relevant work experience in startups, investing, politics, organizing, philanthropy, and/or media.

  • OR 4-8 years of relevant work experience in those fields.

For the Investment Principal role, most strong candidates will have approximately 7-12 years of overall professional experience, including one of the following career profiles:

  • 4+ years in senior roles in the progressive movement, including in electoral work.

  • 4+ years of experience for-profit investing or in philanthropy, including having served in a decision-making role for deployment of capital for at least part of that time.

  • 4+ years of experience working in senior roles in high-growth social impact or media startups.

For either role, the following are big pluses. To be clear, we do not expect any single candidate to have most of these qualities. We expect that an Investment Manager might come with 2-4 of these, and an Investment Principal might bring 5-8 of them:

  1. Sector expertise:

    1. Expertise in political data and technology stacks

    2. Expertise in the media sector, especially with cultural media brands and platforms similar to NMV portfolio members PushBlack or The Juggernaut

    3. Expertise in community or worker organizing – especially if you’ve worked with or for a union, or a community organizing group that engages in state or local politics

    4. Expertise in measuring impact in a non-profit or political context

  2. Career path

    1. Experience as an early employee of a high-growth startup, especially as a founder or cofounder

    2. Experience leading or serving on the executive team of a non-profit

    3. Experience working at an NMV portfolio member, especially if you attended past NMV events like our Summit

    4. Experience working at an accelerator/incubator, either for-profit or nonprofit

    5. Experience working in advocacy/political tech policy, or govtech innovation programs

    6. Significant experience serving on nonprofit and/or for-profit boards

  3. Network:

    1. Strong networks among/experience working with indigenous communities, especially indigenous entrepreneurs

    2. Strong networks among/experience working with disabled communities, and knowledge of the disability organizing space

    3. Strong network, nationally and in DC, among progressive political activists and professionals, especially those focused on electoral outcomes, culture change, and/or grassroots organizing

    4. Strong networks among national unions and worker organizing groups

    5. Strong existing network amongst senior staff of NMV portfolio organizations

  4. Other skills:

    1. Substantial experience supporting Black, brown, and/or indigenous entrepreneurs

    2. Experience conducting due diligence, especially in the context of early-stage investments or non-profit grants

    3. Substantial non-profit and/or for-profit fundraising experience, and/or experience supporting entrepreneurs with fundraising

    4. Substantial familiarity with election and non-profit law. E.g., experience working with lawyers around compliance

What to expect from us: 

  • Salary range: $82 - 118k for an Investment Manager candidate; $118 - 158k for an Investment Principal candidate. The higher end of these ranges assume additional experience and more alignment with candidate pluses above.

  • Full benefits, including employer-covered health/vision/dental, life, and disability insurance, 401k match up to 5%, and more than 25 days of paid time off (vacation, holidays, and the week between Christmas and New Years).

  • A team with a sense of justice and a sense of humor.

  • A low-ego, high-performance culture and flexible work environment.

  • A commitment to equity and inclusion, including striving to build a truly multiracial and multicultural team, and creating an accessible workplace for people with disabilities.

To apply, fill out the Google form here, which includes the following questions: 

  • Why do you want to work on the investments team at NMV? [Suggested word count: 150 words]

  • Tell us about a gap you see in the progressive movement that you think strategic investment from NMV could play a role in filling. Why do you think the gap exists and what kinds of startups would you like to see get support? [Suggested word count: 200 words]

  • List each of the “Big Pluses” you would bring to the investments team at NMV, and add 1-2 sentences with more detail. [Suggested word count: 20-40 words for each big plus]

  • Upload your resume. Please DO NOT include a photo of yourself on your resume.