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Investing in Innovation

NMV is a community of more 250 angel investors and aligned donors, working together to drive social change. Whether you are a first time investor, new to progressive impact, or have deep experience in both, we’d love to work with you. Contact us about investing.

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NMV fills a critical gap with their explicit focus on social enterprises and hybrid business models; any investor who wants to accelerate social impact innovation should make the most of NMV's expertise and experience in this space.

Sarah Williams

Co-founder and CEO, Propel Capital

I’ve been leveraging NMV and its high-quality, rigorous diligence for years to inform our angel investments. The team has unique expertise and a strong track record, and we'll continue to watch out for the new projects and organizations they uncover.

Joe Thurakal

Sr Portfolio Manager, Tigmera

NMV’s ability to elevate opportunities for meaningful early-stage civic and fin tech investments while maintaining social justice values makes it an essential partner for us in advancing a vital and inclusive 21st century democracy rooted in racial and economic justice.

Keesha Gaskins-Nathan

Program Director, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Convening Perspectives

We bring together a diverse network to share expertise and build connections. Through programs like our annual Summit, we create opportunities for collaboration and learning, and share resources with our community through Tools for Change.

Tools for Change

NMV is filling a critical gap in the civic tech ecosystem, pooling money and knowledge to support risk-takers and innovators at the early stage, and building bridges between techies and political organizers.

Micah Sifry

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Civic Hall

The NMV Summit is the one event I will not miss. It’s jam packed with great programming and lots of networking. New Media Ventures has built something special. I don't know of another investment group like them.

Jennifer Brandel

CEO and Co-Founder, Hearken

We’re living through an exceptional time. Old institutions are collapsing, citizens are reclaiming power, and bottom-up movements are on the rise. NMV spotted that trend early. If you’re interested in the next big thing in civic engagement, keep an eye on their portfolio.

Eric Liu

Founder and CEO, Citizen University

Sustaining Our Work

Our philanthropic partners enable us to support groundbreaking entrepreneurs and build the field of impact investing at the intersection of tech, media, and politics. If you're interested in supporting our work, contact us.

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We’ve been working with the NMV team for years and are continually impressed by their ability to spot promising trends and move quickly to deliver much-needed funding and support to early-stage civic tech and independent media entrepreneurs.

Alissa Black

Investment Director, Luminate

NMV is a trailblazer in the social justice field: their expertise in business model innovation supports this new wave of efforts to bring lasting change, and ensures the long-term viability of the progressive movement as a whole.

Guillermo Quinteros

Program Director, Solidago Foundation

NMV’s focus on funding critical infrastructure is a service to the progressive movement. We’re delighted to have a partner in supporting entrepreneurs that are committed to making democracy work for everyone – regardless of income, race, or language.

Chris and Heidi Stolte

Founders, The Stolte Family Foundation