NMV Invests in Two Start-Ups


By Jessica Salinas

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We’re proud to announce that New Media Ventures has made two new investments into early stage companies that are doing innovative and critical work to shift power across the media and civic technology industries.

Our first investment of the year reaffirms NMV’s long standing commitment to cultural media, and especially to the uplifting of trusted, factual narratives of overlooked communities. With over 62.5 million Latinos in the United States (a number that’s only growing), the Latino community is a force to be reckoned with, and for far too long, their stories have been ignored. Nuestro Stories is on a mission to change that. 

Nuestro Stories is a content, influencer, adtech company and production studio devoted to celebrating Latino heritage every day. Their unique and unifying platform is reversing stereotypical narratives about Latinos through compelling storytelling that showcases Latino histories, traditions, icons, and contributions to the U.S., year round.

Founders: Angela Sustaita-Ruiz, Manny Ruiz 

In their own words: "This investment by New Media Ventures is empowering stories about our Latino culture and icons with platforms, distribution capabilities, and technology that spans digital and social media, web, podcasts, films, shows, and documentaries."

Ask: Nuestro Stories is raising a seed round– if you’re an investor interested in Latine media, a growing market, connect with them!

Connect:  Find them @NuestroStories across all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Threads), or visit their website nuestrostories.com.

More: Watch this short interview with Angela and Manny!


Our second investment of the year solidifies NMV’s interest in the growing justice tech market and a belief that to truly shift power, we must invest in innovation that is disrupting the systems that disproportionately impact Black & Brown people in the US, like the criminal legal system. And equally as important, we must invest in founders who are closest to the problems they are trying to solve. Good Call fits both of those marks.

Good Call Technologies is a Black-led hybrid tech company with a mission to empower marginalized communities and create systemic change. Their unique technology is designed to provide effective and immediate access to legal support, directly taking on mass incarceration in the US.

Founder: Jelani Anglin

In his own words: "We are excited to be a part of the New Media Ventures portfolio and hope that this partnership can help catalyze Good Call’s growth as we work to provide tools to expand early access to counsel nationally."

Ask: Good Call is raising a $1.5M seed round and looking to get connected with impact-aligned funds.

Connect:  Follow them on @goodcalltech on Instagram or Good Call Technologies on Linkedin; visit their website goodcalltech.com or goodcall.nyc.

More: Watch this short interview with Jelani (coming soon on our Instagram)!


Interested in joining NMV in investing in these startups? For more information on these two for-profit investments, contact Phillip Sanders at psanders@newmediaventures.org

To follow-up about any of our nonprofit investments, contact Ev Boyle at eboyle@newmediaventures.org.

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