Infographic: Fundraising & Startup Capital for Impact Entrepreneurs


By New Media Ventures

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Is fundraising overwhelming? We've pulled together advice from funders and founders to help you get started!

“How do I raise money?!?” is by far the number one question we’re asked by entrepreneurs. We’ve written a lot on the need for innovative business models and fundraising strategies for entrepreneurs that are focused on impact — but we know it can still be overwhelming. So we decided to put all this information in one place.


Consider this infographic your one stop shop on the nuts and bolts of raising capital for your startup. In it, we surface some of the most frequently asked questions, and offer tips for navigating the world of startup fundraising.

For example:

  • How do you develop a networking strategy that works for you?

  • How can you learn from rejection?

  • How can you become a “resource magnet”?

  • How honest should you REALLY be with potential funders?

Download it, share it, put it to use, and let us know what you think. You can find more detailed information in our series of four posts (linked throughout the infographic):

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